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If you want to get your ad seen by the national Native community, look no further. Kick start your Native recruitment drive with Native Career Magazine!

Native Career Magazine's promotions are effective, professional and respected

1. Promote your company online and purchase a one-time online ad
2. Promote your company in print and purchase a newsprint ad
3. Promote your company both in print and online, by purchasing both and receiving a discount on the online ad
4. Promote your company for an entire year and purchase a membership which gives you discounts and national coverage to the Aboriginal community, inexpensively

Online ad rates are as follows:
ONE-TIME AD Corporation, Government, Sole Proprietorship or Crown Corporation:
$240.00 ONE on-line ad posted for 60 days.
ONE-TIME AD Non-profit or Charitable: 
$150.00 ONE on-line ad posted for 60 days.
ONE-TIME AD Student/Artist: 
$90.00 ONE on-line ad posted for 60 days.
Purchase two ads in one day and receive 15% off the second ad.

Newspaper ad rates are as follows:
1/4 page ad: 2.75 x 4.3 inches, $375
1/2 page ad: 5.5 x 8.5 inches, $550
Full page ad inside the newspaper: 11 x 17 inches, $850
Full page, back cover, $1,500
Classified ads, .25 cents per word, minimum four words
Next deadline for ads: April 18th.

Purchase a print ad and receive 50% off an online ad!


Higher Volume of jobs? Then we have options for you!

Purchase a one-year membership


CONTACT US by email

or by phone at:

416-260-0250 to speak to Mitzi


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We all know that finding Native staff can be a daunting task, that is where we come in.
Your online ad will be sent to Native groups across Canada via our weekly fax and email campaign. It is that simple! 

Native Career Magazine's services are unique in Canada and now you can be a part of it.
Here is where your ad will be sent:
- Native friendship centres
- Native student associations at colleges and universities
- Native employment centres
- Native subscribers who sign up online to receive information updates

Compare our prices to those of other similar sites and see the value in advertising with Native Career Magazine. We guarantee we are affordable and get your message to the national Native community.


Clients include:

Aboriginal Voices Radio

Aids Committee of Toronto

Algoma Corp

Allied International Credit

Awo Taan

Canadian Forces Personnel Recruitment Agency

Canada Post

Canadian Business College

Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency

Casino Rama


City of Toronto


Keewatin College


Toronto Police

Via Rail


York University






Native Career Magazine Mission:
  To enhance the economic position of Native people in Canada while assisting Canadian employers
  To provide employment, and employment information to Aboriginal people
  To assist employers with recruitment needs at a reasonable cost
  To develop partnerships with Canadian employers and promote the recruitment of Native people
  To challenge the stereotype of Aboriginal people by profiling successful Aboriginal people in our magazine articles
  To showcase work of established and emerging Native writers, artists and entrepreneurs in feature stories

Because employment equity is the "right thing to do".

- University of Regina's slogan for recruiting staff


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